Circles are a place for you to belong, grow in your faith and serve others. Each Circle looks a little different and meets on a different schedule. Our Circles running this winter include Bible studies, prayer groups and a parents group. Contact the church office for more info.


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Following Jesus Through Parables

Date: Wednesdays 7-8:30pm | Leaders: Rod & Heather Card

Jesus often taught through parables, but sometimes the meaning isn’t always easy to understand. The first century had many different customs and contexts. In this session we will look closely at seven parables of Jesus to reflect on their original meaning and challenge for us today. New people are welcome to join us for great discussion and fellowship!

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"John For Everyone" by N. T. Wright

Date: Sunday Morning at 9am | Leader: Charlie Garneau

*On hold. Resuming in the Fall.

In this study, we will be walking through the book of John, and exploring what it says about Jesus the Messiah, the Kingdom of God and how Jesus' teachings apply to our own lives. We invite you to grab your morning coffee and breakfast, and join us Sunday mornings as we dive into this study.

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Grow Parent Group

Date: Wednesdays 5-7pm | Leader: Pastor Kim Lapier

This is a group for parents with kids age 0 - grade 4. Families come and eat dinner together at 5pm and then at 6pm while the kids go downstairs for a fun midweek program, the parents meet with snacks and coffee. Each week is a little different, but could include, icebreaker games, short parenting videos, discussion or just social time.

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Weekly Prayer

Date: Thursday 6:30 pm | Leader: Linda Robertson

Join us Thursday nights as we lift up the needs of our congregation and community in prayer.