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God With Us - The Fulfillment

Merry Christmas! Today we conclude our God With Us sermon series.

God With Us - The Promise

Today Pastor Kim continues our Christmas series, teaching from Isaiah 9. She talks about God's promise to send a light in the dark who would stomp out evil forever. 

God With Us - The Prototype

This week we continue our series God With Us. Pastor Derek teaches on the tabernacle and how it was a prototype of how his presence would dwell with us.

God With Us - The Break

Christmas is only a few weeks away, and so today we begin our new Christmas series, God With Us. We begin by looking at how in the beginning God's plan was to dwell with us, but that plan was disrupted.

Transformed Lives - Above and Beyond

As we conclude our series Transformed Lives: A Letter To Philemon, we're talking about God's will being accomplished when we go above and beyond.